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Nike hopes to attract you with the store experience, then every time you want to buy shoes or buy clothes, the first one came out of the Nike brand is - whether you are experiencing the ultimate store or auto shop in stores or buy, any one will do. "The success of a store, not because it itself has what a great design, but because it successfully delivered and created a brand on the evening of January 25, Li Na at Melbourne Park made history again in the tall glass sparkle Daphne , people quickly flooded such a big event. Li huge popularity rapidly extended from the field to the court, whether it is television, Internet or social media have become a tribute to Li's position. The record champion rapid fermentation, Li became an instant scraper keywords. Whether or not know the ball, the topic can be Li Na. This time, Li Na of those sponsors have begun to set off a debate about the marketing of "copy Running", no one wanted to miss this gather popularity of advertising war. Speed ??is the holy grail, "The first is to be fast. "Professor Zhang Zujian director of the Research Center of Shanghai University of brand advertising has long been critical of social networking summarize major events air huarache black, January 25 evening 6:19 Xu, the 2014 Australian Open women's singles final ended, Li Na to win the wonderful performance his career is Asia's first Australian Open title. Almost simultaneously, sponsor Nike's "JustDoIt" release micro-Bo, the entire copy in black primer, while the roar of Li Na, the right places popular with Tyrant gold In "Heart'm sky high" in the text. This instantly ignited emotions of the audience, not Nike's other microblogging account, just forwarded this microblogging account amount to more than 1 million times. "Fast embodies the brand attitude, performance of the brand's quality. "Zhang Zujian think in multiple sports event marketing, Nike has demonstrated that the most crucial ability rapidly compared to Nike, Mercedes, Taikang Life and Yili Shu of milk are followed, subject to the limitations on the dissemination of . Kunlun Mountains even until Li Na to win more than one hour after the release of the relevant planning advertising. "Advertising Communication comparison reliance sports events, such as Nike enterprise microblogging always race to follow the progress of some of the events, results have reactions , microblogging is the real-time advertising, it has been very skillful. In addition, it is possible to respond quickly, it shows itself is ready. "In fact, Nike's advertising would have to make propagation velocity had impressed, especially the London Olympics, Nike's marketing on social networking speed and rapid response won numerous reputation." Dare heart sky high, "the advertisement, Nike is actually developed early aspect of these recent years, Nike advertising slogan that can deeply grab people's hearts, has great influence degree. It all also Wieden + Kennedy advertising agency for this credit. The 2005 only enter Shanghai advertising company has partnered with Nike Greater China for eight years. A lot of people do not know even the well-known "JustDoIt" is also the company's masterpiece. Although both good early preparation Li Na win and lose, but the London Olympic Games the same period, Nike and Wieden + Kennedy team throughout the tournament are well prepared to respond to emergencies at any time. "Na marketing" undefeated champion "Li and Nike collaboration began in 1997. That was 15 years old when Li, Nike assist her to the United States training. "Nike Greater China, Senior Director of Communications HuangXiangYan disclose Road. Is precisely this for 17 years, to let Nike ushered in another" harvest. "2011 French Open Li Na during the campaign, Nike to Li's team made "creating self" Come yellow T-shirt, after the win, the fastest in the country, spread on various channels, including the proposed "With the movement to change everything," the message. foresight Nike as "Na marketing" in Nike foresight undefeated generals as "Na marketing" undefeated in general (Click on the picture to the next page) Last year's Australian Open final, Li Na, the runner-up. Nike that "the only determination could not cool the" propaganda win the hearts of both timeliness or creativity have attracted wide attention. Even foreign media also asked Li T-shirt on the specific meaning of the phrase in Chinese. This year, outside of the "heart'm sky high," the advertisement also has a mixed view. Some people believe that Nike designed this a little too conservative, and like to do to prepare to lose, even when not as good as the final, "Li Na followed by another" copywriter easy way out. From the first time for self "Lightning marketing" public relations point of view, as well as comprehensive systematic and orderly, interactive marketing perspective, Nike is still the "Na marketing" in the biggest winner. Uneven newcomers each sponsor wants to grab attention in high light Li Na won, those who have to catch up later, there are also stalled, squandered resources businesses. In last year's Australian Open runner-up Li Na runner, each sponsor's performance as the reference standard, we can easily discern sponsors and brand marketing capability in the big event. At the time, Nike, Mercedes-Benz,cheap nike air huarache white, the Kunlun Mountains, Erie, not even to speak of the BMW mini and event sponsor Kia, have launched a series of "micro-ad", a word associated brand and build the largest Li Na, while another sponsor Taikang Life is not present in this marketing battle. After this year, after Li Na won, sponsor of the Kunlun Mountains in more than one hour after the group issued a planning copy, but whether it is the font and color, followed the march finals, "with a title home for the holiday" themed ad style. In fact, last year, the Kunlun Mountains "two champions" copy is also quite moving. "Champion has two, do not give up is the most touching one," "two champions, a smile is the most attractive one," "two champions, I love you the most precious one," Li covering unexpected fall down, to calm the face of defeat after the game, the stadium and Ginger love behind three levels of depth in the excavation of competitive sports spirit and Li charisma than other sponsors to be hard. And the last one, "I love you the most precious one" has become this group of "battles in the coming year" as the theme of a copy of the most touching. Compared to the Kunlun Mountains resigned after two consecutive years of marketing efforts, Yili Shu of milk cartoon-style hoe series copywriting, have ideas but no consistent quality. Commented on the network as "flow all the way to Jack,nike air huarache outlet, like a hand lame cook, life and the shark fin soup made the fans." Other sponsors is two years have stalled. Mercedes-Benz for two consecutive years in the Australian Open after the game showed a copy of the mentality of the task. Taikang Life finally took part in this year copywriting war, but simply something wrong with the advertisement, the lack of design sense. If Nike to many people appreciate the beauty of offbeat sports marketing, then copy Running from Li Na win, we can clearly find domestic enterprises immature. "Most of China's sports marketing business there are errors - always want to minimize investment in exchange for maximum output." Key Road Sports Management Consulting Co., Ltd. CEO Zhang said, "This is no problem under certain circumstances but the core business of the game. In fact, the principle is the value of the exchange, a brand if not first move of enterprise voice from within the heart, how can the true feelings spokesman in the face of the consumer, the brand will better comprehend the message out?