Stargazing Breaks at Beacon Hill

Stargazing Breaks at Beacon Hill

Northumberland International Dark Sky Park was unveiled in December 2013. At 570 square miles, it is also Europe’ s largest area of protected night sky.

Due to its pristine skies, it was awarded Gold Tier designation by the International Dark Sky Association, making it officially the best place in England for people to go to enjoy the heavens, as Northumberland is officially the darkest place in Europe.

Beacon Hill lies just on the border of this Dark Sky area and consequently the night skies here are incredibly dark. To take full advantage of our location and because of guest interest, we decided to build a small observatory. So, as well as wonderful daylight views, our holiday cottages can now offer spectacular night time views and is ideal for those considering a stargazing break or weekend. The observatory is available to all guests free of any extra charge.

Dark Skies ObservatoryIf you are considering a stargazing break then why not time it to coincide with an upcoming astronomical event? Whether it’s an annual meteor shower or a once in a lifetime event, it’s worth making the most of the opportunity.

You can also take advantage of all of our Spa facilities. to help you relax and unwind between late nights! Our online cottage booking system is quick and easy to use so checking the availability of cottages for your chosen dates will take a matter of minutes.