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Fun For The Kids

Fun For The Kids

Beacon Hill is a paradise for children of all ages providing a range of children’s facilities and activities. Firstly there are swimming lessons and a swimming pool which is surrounded by carpet and has a Roman End at the shallow end, ideal for young children to splash in and out. The pool water is heated to 30 degrees, perfect for younger children.

We have an indoor heated Games Room with a pool table, table football table, tennis table and air hockey table. There is also a TV in this room and leather sofas for children to relax and make friends.

Adjoining the games room is a covered adventure playground with a wood-chip floor. There is a climbing frame, monkey ladders, tower, swings, a see-saw, Wendy House and Tarzan course.

This has proved massively popular with those aged from 4 to 14. The great thing is young children regularly run around at Beacon Hill with friends whilst their parents relax in their cottage…it is such a safe environment.

We have a cricket net with hard base for use in all weathers, a slip catching cradle, a large football pitch with two sets of netted goal posts and a 14 foot diameter trampoline with safety net.
We have a croquet lawn with mallets and balls, popular with all ages; the view to the south and west is absolutely stunning.

The Harry Potter Trail in the 40 acre wood is exceptionally popular with adults and children alike and has given hours of fun. It has the added attraction of giving guests the incentive to spend time in this unique semi-ancient Beech wood, which has stunning views to the south and is also very sheltered.

My own children spent most of their holidays in the Beacon Hill Wood making camps and lighting camp fires to cook sausages. We are very happy for fires to be lit in the woods as there is absolutely no danger to our property doing this. I am very sorry that so few children seem to enjoy these fantastic simple pleasures. We have a frying pan and spatula ready in the Games Room should you wish to cook supper in the woods…I guarantee your children will enjoy it – so much more fulfilling than watching TV or playing computer games!

We have miniature Shetland ponies in the front park and guests are free to feed them carrots and pet them.

Meg’s Lake is a short walk from the cottages and is set in a 20 acre nature reserve I created 15 years ago. The lake is full of tadpoles and then frogs in the spring and children have all sorts of fun here, including those families who choose to swim in the lake in the summer! The water is champagne clear and a lot warmer than the North Sea! There is a Barbecue area set up at the far end of the lake with natural stone seats. The views to the south and west are stunning.

We have a bike shed with bike stands and ample room for as many bikes as you care to bring. Cycling around Beacon Hill is superb, with access to miles of empty lanes, all with stunning views. There are many circular rides available from Beacon Hill, from two miles to as many miles as you want and the lanes are deserted with hardly any vehicles at any time of year.

Our tennis court is available all year round and we have some rackets for those without any, but please try and bring your own if possible. We also offer a tennis coach.

And finally for wet days when the swimming at the pool has been done and the games in the games room and adventure playground played, children can return to their cottage and know that their sporting and cartoon interests will be catered for with the full Sky package available in every cottage; those with laptops will be able to access the web on Wi-Fi or listen to music.

Add to all of these children’s facilities and activities 360 acres of grass fields with walks set out around the different areas and you can see why many children literally beg their parents not to leave the site during the day as they are so free and happy playing here.

As I say, and it is a quote from a guest, “What a paradise for children!”

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