How far apart are the cottages?

How Far Apart Are The Cottages?

Potential guests often ring asking where the cottages are in relation to each other and to the Spa.

The Spa is set in the middle of the site a short walk through the gardens from ALL the cottages.

The cottages and Spa are all set on one site in 20 acres of landscaped gardens in the middle of a 360 acre private estate.

Guests often come with friends who take separate cottages and we host many family get togethers where a family may take a number of properties and enjoy a get together in the evening. This works very well irrespective of which cottages are taken.

However, we have some cottages that are adjoining, such as Beech and Ash, or South and North Granary or Stable and Wood Cottage, or Willow and Larch or Curlew, Kestrel and Merlin.

Whichever cottage you chose to take for a gathering of two or more families, your holiday will work well as Beacon Hill is a magical place with solitude and marvellous views.

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