Observatory & Telescope

Observatory & Telescope

Star-gazing is certainly on the increase and the recent adventures of a certain Tim Peake have further piqued the interest (pardon the pun) and our desire to turn our attentions skyward. Guests at Beacon Hill Farm cottages have long been telling us that they love the darkness of the skies here and some bring telescopes to take full advantage. Beacon Hill Farm is, of course, right on the doorstep of an International Dark Sky Park, so there is no better place than here to take in the wonders of our solar system.


ObservatoryWe can now offer our guests access to a purpose built observatory with a Celestron C8 telescope which guests may use any night they wish simply by pre-booking a slot. The octagonal building has a roof that slides completely off leaving the heavens open above! There is comfortably room for the whole family in the observatory and there is seating for those not looking at the stars. Sky maps and information boards line the walls and, in the centre on a solid concrete plinth, we have our Celestron telescope. There are even rugs to keep guests warm!

Each house has some Astronomy books, one particularly aimed at the younger Sky watcher. There is a booking sheet in the Games Room lobby and guests may book slots of one hour duration as late as they like. Access is with the cottage key.

Our Telescope

We have a Celestron C8-AXLT (AVX) OTA telescope. This has proved to be simple to use and has given many clients a great experience.

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