Electric Vehicle Charging

EV car charging with VendElectric.

EV Charging at Beacon Hill Farm

We understand that holiday cottages with EV charging points are in demand now that many of us are making the switch to more sustainable motoring. At Beacon Hill we offer EV car charging through VendElectric charging points. Please go To to download the VendElectric app to your mobile, either before you come or whilst you are here. These are non-tethered charging units; please bring your own charging cables. We currently have 3 charging points across the site with 2 more planned shortly.


Types Of EV Charger

We have Type 2 compatible EV chargers for your electric car.  We have a Tesla charger and a Universal charger. Both chargers provide 7kW which is 30 miles of charge per hour. Quarry House holiday cottage has its own EV charging point directly outside the house.


EV Charging in the Local Area

As well as EV charging points on-site, you will find plenty of places to top up your charge while out and about in the local area. Morpeth, only 6 miles away, has a number of points and as you head to the coast you will find points at all of the major towns and villages along the Northumberland Coastal Route such as Blyth, Ashington, Amble, Warkworth, Alnwick and Craster. A little further north up the coastline, popular day-trip destinations like Beadnell, Seahouses and Bamburgh also have EV points. Other popular places inland such as Wooler, Rothbury, Otterburn and Kielder, all have charging points too so with a bit of planning you’ll not be left out of charge!


EV Charging Request

We ask you to please NOT charge your car with an extension lead from the cottage. This is a dangerous procedure and can lead to overloading the cottage supply. This procedure also invalidates our insurance. Please note on the booking form if you require to use the charging point, or let us know by email.

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