The dark Skies Of Northumberland

The dark Skies Of Northumberland

At Beacon Hill farm we are very proud to be located right next to one of the very few International Dark Sky Parks in the UK. We think our dark skies here add to the magic of the place and we couldn’t put it better than Gerry De Root in this fantastic piece in the Telegraph about Northumberland having ‘turned out the lights’.

One of the reasons our guests come back year after year is because of the tranquility and beauty of our location, tucked away neatly in the rolling Northumberland Hills. That beauty isn’t just evident during daylight hours, when views of the Northumberland coast often tempt you to the beaches, but also during the darkness of night. There aren’t many places where you can wander safely these days in total darkness and take in the wonders of the universe by simply looking up. At Beacon Hill Farm, guests often take walks under the blanket of stars and enjoy the real sense of darkness that is now lost from our towns and cities. To learn more about the Northumberland Dark Sky Park visit the International Dark Sky Association website.

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